Vehicle Buying WebQuest


For the past couple of years you've been wanting your own vehicle. You've always wanted a fancy sports car or a big four-wheel drive pick-up. Your parents have finally given their ok for you to get your own vehicle. However, you have one problem. You must buy the vehicle of your choice with your own money! You will find out in this project if you can afford your "dream vehicle."


Given the fact that your parents are requiring you to purchase your "dream vehicle" with your own money, your first task will be to decide how much money you have available to spend. To speed up the process you have decided to sell your snowmobile for $2000.00 since it doesn't snow much here in Nebraska. You also have $500.00 in your savings account you can use to make a down payment and pay the sales taxes and licensing fees. You must make a down payment!! You will borrow the rest of the money needed.

Next you will need to gather information on five vehicles you might like to buy. All vehicles you search for must be under $50,000, you're not that rich!! However, they must be $10,000 or higher & the year must be 2007 or newer.Then you will narrow your search to two vehicles and figure out insurance costs and monthly payments for each.

Next you will write a three paragraph, block style letter, properly formatted to your teacher explaining why you chose your final two cars and which one you plan to purchase. Finally, you will create a PowerPoint presentation about all your findings and share your information with the class.​


STEP ONE: Create an advertisement flyer either using your word processing software or a similiar program to advertise your snow mobile. Be sure to include a picture of the snow mobile (find a suitable clip art picture) and provide some details about it such as the year etc. Also, be sure your flyer contains all relevant information so people interested can call you and or come and look at your snow mobile. Use the techniques and procedures you learned in Word Chapter 1. Proofread your flyer when completed, print it and turn in to your instructor.

STEP TWOConduct research on five different vehicles you would like to purchase and gather information such as year, make, model, mileage, asking price, down payment and amount to be financed. You will also need to find the VIN for these vehicles in order to gather insurance and property tax information. Create and compile this information in a spreadsheet. (Remember the four questions when planning a spreadsheet)

​​Save your spreadsheet to be used in step three. You can find used vehicles in the newspaper ads or at the following on-line links: autotrader or autos.

STEP THREE: Add four columns to your spreadsheet and title one "Property Taxes", one "Sales Taxes" one "Monthly Payment" and the other one "Insurance Costs Per Year". Now add this information only for the two vehicles that you would most likely be buying. You can obtain monthly payments for a five year 7% loan (sales tax at 5.5%) on-line at You can get insurance quotes (full coverage) from your family insurance agent or on-line at autotrader or insurance. You will need to obtain property tax information from your local assessor's office or go to Your vehicle must 2007 or newer & you must have the VIN. Save and print two copies: a values version and a formulas version.

STEP FOUR: Compose a three paragraph, block style letter to your teacher explaining your final two choices and why you would buy the vehicle of your choice. Save and print a copy to turn in to your instructor. Remember to proofread and follow all format rules you learned in the Letters unit!

STEP FIVE: Create a 10-12 slide PowerPoint presentation about the vehicles you researched and the one you would most likely buy. Be sure to include reasons why you would purchase this vehicle and how you would go about doing it. Save your presentation and be prepared to share your slide show with the class. Remember the techniques and procedures you learned in the PowerPoint unit.



This webquest was adapted from Scott Bernthisel's "Buying Your First Car" webquest.

Internet sites referenced in this webquest include: